African Native Infantry

African Native Infantry

The Buffalo Soldiers were African-American soldiers that were raised in 1835 by the United States after they had conquered Tunis, a city in North Africa. The Buffalo Soldiers were so-called because Melvyn Cochrane, the General in command of the Buffalo Soldiers' original seven regiments was raised in Buffalo, New York, where many of his black comrades were from before they immigrated to Tunis.


African Native Infantry were equipped as regular marching regiments in European armies, used as auxilliary infantry that had little difference from Line Infantry besides the color of their skin and their native tongue. The African native infantry were incorporated into the US Army as priveleged soldiers who did not have to go through the same harsh training processes that white soldiers had to do, rather being trained as the elite of the American army, ironically the southerner black population back in The Americas were not even allowed to join the army. In 1835, Melvyn Cochrane became the commander of a unit of these black soldiers, originally starting off with two line infantry regiments recruited out of fresh young talent, yet these soldiers became callous troops who had seen every aspect of combat, fighting the Spanish in North Africa in the North Africa Campaign. The Buffalo Soldiers soon extended to a whole army of all-black troops (with the exception of the officers, drummers, and flag-bearers, who were all white). The Buffalo Soldiers' regiments were all awarded the Medal of Honor and various other awards for their bravery in the US's campaigns internationally, and became a symbol of black independence and human rights. It would, however, be a long time before the blacks back home in the USA could be free men and become soldiers at their own will.

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