Previous: Long Bay Expedition
Capture of the San Isidro
Capture of the San Isidro
Conflict: Golden Age of Piracy
Date: October 1722
Place: Between Cuba and the Bahamas
Outcome: Pirate victory

Pirates Pirates

Flag of Spain 2 Spain


Pirates Edward Kenway

Flag of Spain 2 Sebastian de Peteral


1 brig

1 frigate
2 schooners


few crew losses

all sunk

The Capture of the San Isidro (October 1722) occurred when the pirate Edward Kenway and the crew of the Jackdaw intercepted a Spanish treasure convoy between Cuba and the Bahamas. The armed merchant frigate San Isidro and its escorts, the schooners Tigre and Concepcion, were assaulted by the pirates, who used their powerful cannons to disable all three ships. The pirates proceeded to pick each one off by boarding and plundering each one, and they scuttled the three ships after forcing the crews to surrender and looting them. The capture of the San Isidro netted the pirates 2,000 reales, plus the materials looted off the other ships.

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