Caspian Phoenix

Phoenix's body after being killed by Slugs Piombino

Caspian Phoenix (died 2017) was an American criminal who was active in southern California during the 2010s.


Caspian Phoenix came to Los Angeles, California to start his criminal career, and he became involved with biker gangs and other criminal outfits. In 2017, a bounty of $5,000 was set on Captain Phoenix by an unknown person, and Slugs Piombino decided to hunt him down. Piombino had been chasing a prison bus to the Palomino Highlands, where Phoenix was coincidentally also located. Phoenix attempted to shoot at the guards of the prison bus with a sniper rifle from a cliff, but Piombino pulled up behind him on a rat bike and proceeded to gun him down with a silenced Micro-Uzi in a drive-by shooting, killing him and claiming his bounty.

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