Chilli D
Chilli D (1970-2013) was a high-ranking OG in the Ballas street gang of Los Angeles. In 2013, he was nearly kidnapped by The Families members Lamar Davis and Franklin Clinton, and Chilli D was gunned down by Harold Joseph when he attempted to ambush Davis, Clinton, and Joseph at a Long Beach, California scrapyard.


"Chilli D" was born in 1970 in Los Angeles, California to a poor African-American family, and he joined the Ballas street gang at a young age. He claimed to have known The Families gangster Lamar Davis since he was in diapers, and he became a high-ranking and respected Ballas OG after years of membership in the gang. In 2013, Davis and Franklin Clinton decided to kidnap him to make some money and gain more respect in their gang, and they tracked him down to an alleyway, where he was attempting to solicit a prostitute. D tried to flee on a motorcycle, but Clinton and Davis pursued in a van, and they tracked him down to a trainyard on the East Side, where he crashed his bike and was forced to flee on foot. He was caught hiding in a boxcar, and he was jumped on by Davis' dog Chop, and the two Families gangsters took D hostage. However, Clinton was forced to let D go when Davis called the Ballas on the cell phone, as the conversation could be traced and could lead to their arrests. D, who recognized the two gangsters despite their bandanas, swore revenge.


Chilli D death

D's death

Just a few days later, the newly-released Families OG Harold Joseph decided to do a drug deal with Chilli D and a few other Ballas members at Rogers Salvage and Scrap in Long Beach, and D was supposed to show up by himself. He greeted Davis and Joseph as friends, but Clinton remained sceptical. D then told Stretch that "this" was not about him, but about the two younger gangsters, and the Families gangsters looked out the window to see several Ballas arrive at the plant. Stretch proceeded to shoot D twice in the head, killing him.