Christian Democratic and Flemish (CD&V) is a Christian democratic political party in Belgium, founded in 1968 as the Christian People's Party (CVP). The party succeeded the Christian Social Party of Belgium, and the party had ties to labor unions, labor associations, and the farmer's league, making it the largest political party in Flanders due to its wide support base. During the 2010s, the rival New Flemish Alliance became the predominant party in Flanders, but CD&V continued to have the largest number of mayors; most Prime Ministers and Ministers-President of Belgium have been CD&V members. In 2017, the party held 18/87 Flemish seats in the Chamber of Representatives, 8/35 Flemish seats in the Senate, 27/124 Flemish Parliament seats, 2/17 Flemish seats in the Brussels Parliament, 2/12 Flemish seats in the European Parliament, and 82/351 Flemish Provincial Council seats.


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