Christopher Condent
Christopher Condent (1690-1770) was an English pirate who operated in the Indian Ocean during the Golden Age of Piracy.


Christopher Condent was born in Plymouth, Devon, England in the 1690s, and he became a member of a pirate crew in the Indian Ocean. During a trip across the Atlantic Ocean, his pirates captured the merchantman Duke of York, and Condent was elected captain of the sloop. In 1718, Condent and his crew left Nassau as Woodes Rogers' Royal Navy fleet arrived to blockade the harbor, and Condent and his men captured a ship carrying Portuguese wine off Cape Verde in West Africa. He then sailed to Brazil to take more prizes, cutting off the ears and noses of Portuguese prisoners. Condent later returned to Cape Verde to capture a Portuguese flotilla of 20 small ships, and he proceeded to capture a Dutch sloop off Santiago, renaming it The Fiery Dragon. Condent then seized the English galley Wright, a Portuguese ship, and a 26-gun Dutch vessel, and he captured the Indian QueenFame, and a Dutch ship off the Gold Coast of West Africa. His ships made the Indian Ocean island of Saint-Marie their new base, and they divided their loot there before seeking a pardon from the French in 1721. Twenty men settled on the island of Reunion, and Bellamy became a wealthy merchant in Saint-Malo, France, where he died in 1770.