Constance of Burgundy
Constance of Burgundy (8 May 1046-1093) was the Queen of Castile and Leon from 1079 to 1111. She was married to Alfonso VI of Castile, giving her the position of Empress of Spain.


Constance of Burgundy was the daughter of Robert I of Burgundy and Ermengarde d'Anjou, and in 1079 her father married her to King Alfonso VI of Castile, lord of a Spanish realm. Queen Constance was disapproved of by the Papal States because her sister Agnes of Acquitaine had prievously married King Alfonso but died. Constance nevertheless provided him with four children: Prince Rodrigo, Urraca el Valiente, and Teresa el Valiente, as well as a younger daughter. Queen Constance died in 1093.