Constanze Manziarly
Constanze Manziarly (14 April 1920-2 May 1945) was a cook and dietician to Adolf Hitler during his final days in 1945.


Constanze Manziarly was born in Innsbruck, Austria on 14 April 1920, and she began working as a cook and dietician for Adolf Hitler in 1943, staying at the Berghof and the Fuhrerbunker. On 22 April 1945, during the Battle of Berlin, Manziarly, Gerda Christian, and Traudl Junge decided to stay with Hitler until his death, and she left the bunker with Wilhelm Mohnke on 1 May 1945. She was tasked with delivering a report to Karl Donitz, and she tried to blend in with a group of local women. However, two Soviet Red Army soldiers took her into a U-Bahn tunnel, and Manziarly assured her female friends that they just wanted to see her papers. Junge described her as the "ideal image of Russian femininity, well built and plump-cheeked", and Manziarly was presumably raped and murdered by the vengeful Soviet troops, as she was never seen again.