Crab Key
Crab Key is an island in the Caribbean Sea, located just off the coast of Kingston, Jamaica. The island was home to a bauxite mine that was later abandoned, and the criminal Julius No purchased the island with gold stolen from the Tong. No built an underwater nuclear refinery, and he used atomic energy to interfere with American rocket launches from Cape Canaveral, Florida in an attempt to get revenge for the Western Bloc's unwillingness to hire him as a scientist. In 1962, MI6 agent James Bond, CIA ally Quarrel Stewart, and beachcomber Honey Ryder infiltrated the island, with the MI6 and CIA agents seeking to put an end to No and SPECTRE's interruption of the launches. Stewart was killed by a flamethrower machine, while Bond and Rider were captured by No's henchmen. They were subsequently brought to the main compound, and they were treated luxuriously before Bond was sent to be tortured. Bond managed to escape from the torture room, steal the uniform of a worker, and cause the reactor to overload before killing No by letting him fall into the boiling water. Bond and Rider managed to escape aboard a small boat as the base exploded, and they were towed away by a Royal Navy vessel.


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