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Crusade of 1396
Date: 1396 AD
Place: Bulgaria
Outcome: Ottoman victory

Turks Ottoman Empire

Switzerland Switzerland
Medieval France France
HRE Germany
Poland Wallachia
Poland Poland
Hospitallers Knights Hospitaller
Teutonic Knights Teutonic


Bayezid I

Pope Boniface IX
HRE Sigismund of Germany
Poland Stibor of Stiboricz
Medieval France John the Fearless
HRE Mircea I of Wallachia

The Crusade of 1396 was an attempted crusade launched by Pope Boniface IX in 1389 AD in an attempt to stop Ottoman hegemony over the Balkans following the Battle of Kosovo Polje. Over 90,000 heeded the call: contingents came from Switzerland, France, Germany, Hungary, Wallachia, and Poland; the Knights Hospitaller and the Teutonic Knights also participated. Yet all of these groups had their own leaders, and their divisions proved fatal to the cause. The Ottomans won a resounding victory at Nicopolis in 1396.

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