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Dacian Campaign (334 BC)

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Dacian Campaign (334 BC)
Campaign: Alexander's Invasion of Greece
Date: 334 BC
Place: Dacia, Greece
Outcome: Greek victory

Macedon 2 Macedon

Dacia Kingdom of Dacia


Alexander the Great



1,500 militia
2,000 scout cavalry
1,000 Greek peltasts
2,900 Hypaspists
100 Greek archers

1,400 nomad archers
2,400 Falxmans
2,200 tribal infantry




The Dacian Campaign was the conquest of Dacia by Alexander the Great in 334 BC.


Alexander the Great, acting upon the advice of Parmenion, attacked the Kingdom of Dacia, led by King Cothelas. The Greek cavalry overran the Dacian infantry and their spearmen and Hypaspists held off the cavalry, and although many Greeks died, they took over lots of land and looted tons of gold.

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