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Defense of the Crusader States
Near East 1174
Date: 1099-1271
Place: Holy Land (present-day Israel, Syria, and Jordan
Outcome: Saracen victory
Major Battles: *Battle of Ascalon (1099)
*Battle of Harran
*Battle of Ascalon (1153)
*Battle of Jacob's Ford
*Battle of Hattin
*Battle of La Forbie
*Battle of Fords of Antioch

Jerusalem Kingdom of Jerusalem
Tripoli County of Tripoli
Antioch Principality of Antioch
Antioch County of Edessa

Turks The Turks
Egypt Egypt




The Defense of the Crusader States was a series of campaigns by the Kingdom and Jerusalem and the Principality of Antioch that were based on their survival against the attacks of Islamic sultanates surrounding them, the most important being Ayyubid Egypt and Nur ed-Din's Zengid Empire. The Crusader States survived until 1291, as by 1270, the Fall of the Crusader States had begun.

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