Dejotarus Wledic
Dejotarus Wledic (341 AD-) was a Roman general and the second King of the Romano-British. Wledic captured Londinium in 378 AD from the Celts and created a neo-Roman kingdom that lasted for decades.


Dejotarus Wledic was a Welshman from Cardiff who was posted in Britannia Superior under the Roman Empire. He was son of Saint Aneirin, who had led resistance to the Saxons, invaders from Denmark. Dejotarus became Governor of Londinium after a while of fighting Picts, Saxons, and Celts, but in 367 AD, the Western Roman Empire was forced to evacuate Britannia after the Saxons captured the city. Wledic led an army of Roman loyalists and captured Londinium in 378 AD, forming the Romano-British Kingdom, like his father once did.

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