Ding Feng
Ding Feng (?-271) was a Wu officer who served with Sun Quan. In his first battle, he proved his excellent skill by defeating Zhang Liao. Having served Wu for over 70 years, he was promoted as high as Commander General.


Ding Feng served as a commander of the House of Sun nearly from the beginning, serving under Sun Quan in his campaign against Liu Biao and Huang Zu in 203 and 208, respectively. On several occasions, he would fight alongside his younger brother Ding Feng. Ding Feng advanced in rank with every battle that he fought, and he became a veteran commander of Wu under Sun Quan. At the Battle of Dongkou in 222, he fired the arrow that fatally wounded Cao Wei general Zhang Liao, and he continued to fight in wars against Wei such as the 228 Battle of Shiting and the 234 Siege of Hefei Castle. After the death of Lu Xun in 245, Ding Feng was one of the last surviving original generals of Wu, and he served as Commander General under the several Sun regents and generals that succeeded Sun Quan on his death in 251. At the Battle of Dongxing, he defeated Wei's general Zhuge Dan and nearly took Hefei Castle in 253 AD, but his various invasions of Wei to support dissident rebellions against the House of Sima were unsuccessful. In 263 AD Ding Feng and Lu Xun's son Lu Kang succeesfully defended Jianye from Sima Zhao's Wei assault, and he ably defended Wu until his death in 271.

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