Dong Tu Na
Dong Tu Na (died 225), variably known as Dong Tu NeDong Tuna, or Dong Tune, was an officer under Meng Huo and leader of the second cave. Together with Ahui Nan, he went to back up Meng Huo, but was captured and then released by Zhuge Liang. Later, he faced Meng Huo, but was killed.


Dong Tuna was the lord of the second cave. He moved to stop the Shu invasion but was captured in a night attack. He was released by Zhuge Liang. He once again took the field at Meng Huo's request. However, he was ridiculed by Ma Dai and withdrew in shame. When Meng Huo punished him for this, he and the other cave lords conspired to turn Meng Huo over to Shu. He was punished and cut down by Meng Huo after the latter was released.