Dosetsu Tachibana

Dosetsu Tachibana

Dosetsu Tachibana (1513-1585) was a daimyo from Bungo Province, ruling the Tachibana clan. He led resistance to the Shimazu clan until he fell ill and died.


Dosetsu Tachibana was born in 1513 in Bungo Province, and was an ally of the Otomo clan. Dosetsu was friends with Joun Takahashi, another Bungo resident, who was loyal to the Otomo. Dosetsu adopted his son Muneshige, who became his new heir, and later, his son-in-law when he married his daughter Ginchiyo. Dosetsu allowed his children to fight alongside the Mori and Toyotomi, whom they juggled alliances with. Dosetsu fought against the Shimazu clan back home, led by Yoshihiro Shimazu, alongside Joun. Joun fell in battle at Iwaya Castle in 1585, and Dosetsu died of illness shortly after.

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