Barbarian coat-of-arms

The Duchy of Ostrua ("Ostrua" being Latin for "purple", after the vineyards) was a municipality in Aquitaine, the southwestern region of France that was controlled by the Barbarians from 4000 BCE to 1230 BCE. The duchy was founded by Axewulf in 4000 BCE, and many settlements were created. However, in 1230 BCE, the stronghold of Bordeaux was taken by storm, and the Barbarians were conquered.


The Duchy of Ostrua was founded by Axewulf, a Norman barbarian who settled a few encampments in southwestern France after seeking adventure from the north. He believed that it was a different continent, but was proven wrong when cartographers labeled Aquitaine as being located in the same country, just in a southern region. The duchy fought the Franks and the Celts, the former of whom would become France in the 11th century CE, and failed to take over the north after various invasions. In 1230 BCE, after thousands of years of existence, they were wiped out when the French took over Bordeaux from the Barbaroi.

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