Edward Trewin
Edward Trewin was a British Royal Navy officer and an agent for cotton plantation owner Peter Beckford during the early 18th century. In September 1715, Trewin was sent to Andreas Island to meet with a local merchant, who agreed to buy molasses and raw sugarcane from Beckford's estate. Trewin was tailed back to Cat Island by pirate Edward Kenway, who was advised to rob the Beckford plantation by Mary Read. Trewin sailed to Cat Island on the schooner HMS Cinque Ports, and he ordered some of the drunken soldiers on Cat Island to double the watch, suspecting that he had been followed. Trewin criticized the soldiers for being "pickled"; they had been drinking to celebrate Wilkinson's birthday. He failed to find the holder of the key to the warehouse, and Kenway would assassinate the keyholder and rob the warehouse while Trewin was away.

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