El Tiburon
El Tiburon (1670 - August 1722) was the bodyguard of Governor of Cuba Laureano de Torres y Ayala during the Golden Age of Piracy. He was killed by the pirate Edward Kenway in 1722.


El Tiburon means "the shark" in Spanish, and little is known about him, who may have had a familial connection to Governor of Cuba Laureano de Torres y Ayala. El Tiburon never spoke, instead grunting or staying silent, and he was known to enjoy the hangings of pirates and criminals in Havana and to be brutal while killing Torres' enemies. In 1715, he incapacitated the pirate Edward Kenway after Kenway was revealed to have been an impostor posing as Duncan Walpole, and he would encounter him years later in 1722 as he guarded a body double of Torres at the Castillo de San Salvador de la Punta in Havana. El Tiburon fought against Kenway, who shot him several times with his pistol, mortally wounding him. Kenway was respectful to a dying El Tiburon, telling him that he should die knowing that he "turned a scoundrel into a soldier", crediting El Tiburon with forcing Kenway to become a disciplined person.

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