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First Crusade
Date: April 12, 1096-August 12, 1099
Place: Outremer, Middle East
Outcome: Christian victory
Major Battles: Speyer Pogrom
Battle of Xerigordo
Battle of Kibotos
Siege of Nicaea
Battle of Dorylaeum (1096)
Siege of Antioch (1097)
Siege of Ma'arrat al-Numan (1097)
Siege of Jerusalem (1099)
Siege of Ascalon (1099)

Papal States Papal States
Medieval France Kingdom of France
Burgundy County of Provence
Aragon Kingdom of Catalonia
Pisa Pisa
Genoa Genoa
Flanders Flanders
Blois Blois
Bouillon Bouillon
Flonheim Flonheim
Byzantines Byzantine Empire
Lower Lorraine Lower Lorraine
Hauteville Apulia
Sicily Sicily
Hauteville Taranto
Medieval France Le Puy
Medieval France Boulogne
Medieval France Toulouse
Rus Duchy of Brittany
Normans Duchy of Normandy
Armenia Kingdom of Armenia

Islam Seljuk Sultanate of Rum
Islam Danishmends
Egypt Fatimid Caliphate
Burgundy Sultanate of Damascus
Burgundy Sultanate of Aleppo
Burgundy Sultanate of Baghdad
Burgundy Sultanate of Mosul


Godfrey of Bouillon
Raymond of Toulouse
Peter the Hermit
Robert of Flanders
Stephen of Blois
Walter Sans-Avoir
Peter the Hermit
Reynald of Broyes
Godfrey Burel of Etampes
Walter Fitz Waleran of Bretuil
Fulcher of Chartres
Emich of Flonheim
Hugh of Vermandois
Philip I of France
William the Carpenter of Melun
Thomas of Marle
Drogo of Nesle
Eustace III of Boulogne
Godfrey of Esch
Bohemund of Taranto
Roger Borsa
Adhemar of Le Puy
Raymond of Aguilers
William II of England
Arnulf of Chocques
Tancred of Lecce
Baldwin of Boulogne
Guglielmo Embriaco
Alexius I of Byzantium
Alan IV of Brittany
Robert II of Normandy
Constantine I of Armenia

Kilij Arslan I
Yaghi-Siyan of Antioch
Kerbogha of Mosul
Duqaq of Damascus
Nizam al-Mulk
Ridwan of Aleppo

The First Crusade was a joint expedition by Christendom in Europe with the aim of "liberating" the Holy Land from the Turks and other small Islamic sultanates who had taken it over in the past four centuries. The People's Crusade is sometimes considered a campaign of the First Crusade, as is the war with Coloman I of Hungary. The crusade ended with the capture of the Holy Land, nicknamed "Outremer" by the Franks, and the extermination of the people of Jerusalem, which became the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Other crusader states created were the Kingdom of Antioch, Kingdom of Tripoli, and Kingdom of Edessa.

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