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First Great Inagua expedition
First Great Inagua expedition
Conflict: Golden Age of Piracy
Date: March 1716
Place: Between Great Inagua and Cuba
Outcome: Pirate victory

Jackdaw flag Crew of the Jackdaw

Flag of Spain 2 Spain


Jackdaw flag Edward Kenway

Flag of Spain 2 Vicente de Raja


1 brig

2 brigs



both brigs sunk

The First Great Inagua expedition (March 1716) was a small series of battles between the pirate ship Jackdaw and Spanish Navy ships between Great Inagua in the Bahamas and the eastern coast of Cuba. Captain Edward Kenway had departed from Great Inagua with the goal of meeting James Kidd in Tulum, Mexico, and his quartermaster Adewale advised him to take a few prizes along the way to keep the men in good morale. Kenway preyed on Spanish shipping between Great Inagua and Cuba, engaging in a gunnery duel with the brig La Griega before boarding the ship, plundering it, and scuttling it. The pirates also destroyed the Spanish ship Venanza after boarding and plundering it, looting even more resources from that brig. After taking the two Spanish ships, Kenway decided to move north, and he would proceed to attack the naval fort of Gibara in order to secure a pirate stronghold in the region.

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