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First Yucatan expedition
First Yucatan expedition
Conflict: Golden Age of Piracy
Date: September 1719
Place: Off Mexico
Outcome: Pirate victory

Pirates Pirates

Flag of Spain 2 Spain


Pirates Edward Kenway

Flag of Spain 2 Francisco de Urive
Flag of Spain 2 Jorge de Vittoria


1 brig

12 ships


Few crew losses

4 sunk
1 captured

The First Yucatan expedition was a pirating expedition launched by the pirate Edward Kenway off the coast of Mexico in September 1719. Kenway, based from Corozal in northern Belize, set out to take numerous prizes to improve the strength of his ship, the Jackdaw; he managed to acquire enough metal and money to purchase better cannons and improve his ship's firepower, and this assisted him with his battles. In the ensuing expedition, the Jackdaw took on a dozen Spanish Navy ships, being forced to retreat a few times. However, Kenway succeeded in taking on the large Spanish presence off Yucatan, and he captured the frigate Guadalupe after sinking the Spanish frigates Conquistador and San Juan Bautista, the man o' war Cambi, and the brig La Griega. Kenway's expedition allowed for him to upgrade his ship, making it a victory for the pirates.

Order of battle



  • Flag of Spain 2 Guadalupe - frigate (captured)
  • Flag of Spain 2 La Galga - brig
  • Flag of Spain 2 San Lorenzo - brig
  • Flag of Spain 2 Palas - brig
  • Flag of Spain 2 Aurora - brig
  • Flag of Spain 2 Conquistador - frigate †
  • Flag of Spain 2 Paxat la Isabela - gunboat
  • Flag of Spain 2 La Griega - brig †
  • Flag of Spain 2 Flecha - brig
  • Flag of Spain 2 Cambi - man o' war †
  • Flag of Spain 2 Venganza - brig
  • Flag of Spain 2 San Juan Bautista - frigate †

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