Frontier in spring

The Frontier was a vast region in the northeastern United States that existed during the 17th and 18th centuries. The region was located to the west of New York (including the Mohawk Valley and Upstate New York), Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia, essentially covering the land along the Appalachian Mountains. The frontier would exist until the end of the American Revolutionary War, when the Americans were granted Great Britain's lands to the west of the Appalachians and proceeded to crush the Native Americans in the Northwest American War.


The Frontier was originally a quiet place where Native American tribes settled, and hunted game, built small villages, and learned the ways of nature. The game were not as ferociously hunted by the Indians as the whites, and the environment was well-treated. However, with the expansion of the Thirteen Colonies from 1761 to 1775 and the Patriots after 1776, the frontier was disturbed by war and colonization and was split up into hunting regions for poachers. In 1761, the Burning of Kanatahseton in the French and Indian War started the disturbance, while the wars continued until the frontier was completely settled at the end of the War of 1812 in 1815. 

The Indians resisted the whites, fighting them by ambushing small patrols of patriot and British troops, as well as attacking some hunters in the wilderness that was known so well by the Mohawk and other tribes. The lands were eventually logged and cleansed of animals by the whites, who destroyed the forests, as well as animals' homes and the Indian tribes' camps. The frontier region was moved further west in the following years, and the land once inhabited by Native Americans would be settled by the Europeans.


The area was divided into several hunting regions:

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