Gao Pei
Gao Pei (?-212) was an officer of Liu Zhang. Gao Pei was entrusted with the defense of Bai Shui Gate with Yang Huai. However, his plot to assassinate Liu Bei was discovered by one of Liu Bei's officers, and he was lured into a trap himself and executed.


Gao Pei was a vassal of Liu Zhang, and was the Governor of Bai Shui. Gao Pei conspired with Yang Huai to assassinate the invading warlord Liu Bei in 212 AD during the Battle of Yi Province, and Yang Huai and Gao Pei planned to kill him while surrendering. Gao Pei and Yang Huai took advantage of his benevolence and surrendered to Liu Bei, who accepted them into his army. However, they ambushed him, so Liu Bei struck them both down himself.

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