Gao Shun
Gao Shun (?-198) was an officer under Lu Bu. A brave general who fought for Lu Bu, he was well-known for his ability of attacking enemy camps. After Lu Bu's defeat, he was brought before Cao Cao and died honorably.


Gao Shun was a stern and incorrupt man who refused alcohol and undue gifts. He became a general in the service of Lu Bu, always in command of 700 troops. He was known as a "camp crusher" for his ability to seize enemy camps during battles. Gao Shun was one of Lu Bu's best commanders, serving with him since his campaigns in Yan Province against Cao Cao, and until his death at the 198 AD Battle of Xiapi. Gao Shun was appointed Governor of Xiaopei after Lu Bu conquered the city from Liu Bei in 196 AD, and he fought against Liu Bei and Cao Cao's armies when they invaded Xu Province in 198 AD. At Xiapi, he duelled Xiahou Dun, and the duel was called off after fellow Lu Bu general Cao Xing fired an arrow that hit Xiahou Dun in the eye. Gao Shun rallied his men against Xiahou Dun, defeating him temporarily. When Xiapi fell, Gao Shun was captured along with Lu Bu, and when he refused to serve Cao Cao, he was decapitated. 

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