Georges Rutaganda
Georges Rutaganda (27 November 1958-11 October 2010) was Vice-President of the Hutu Interahamwe militia in Rwanda at the time of the Rwandan Genocide.


Georges Rutaganda was born in Rwanda on 27 November 1958 to a Hutu family, and he became involved with the "Hutu power" movement and the Interahamwe militia. Rutaganda was friends with businessman Paul Rusesabagina, who he supplied with whiskey, food, and other goods through his import company, giving him supplies for his hotel. In 1994, Rutaganda took part in the Rwandan Genocide as an Interahamwe militia commander, and he captured, raped, and tortured Tutsi women at the Interahamwe hideout in Kigali; he was a frequent guest on RTLM "Hutu Power Radio". Rutaganda supplied his militia with stolen supplies from the Rwandan Armed Forces and ordered for his militia to exterminate the Tutsis, leaving thousands of people dead. He was arrested on 10 October 1995 and transferred to Arusha, Tanzania on 26 May 1996, and he was sentenced to life imprisonment for his crimes. He died in prison in Benin on 11 October 2010.

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