Gerald G
Gerald G was a Los Angeles drug dealer who was associated with The Families street gang.


Gerald G was born in Baldwin Village, Los Angeles, California to a poor African-American family, and he joined The Families street gang while he was young. Gerald was smart about his involvement in the drug trade, often avoiding going out in public, speaking in short sentences, and using hitmen to carry out his tasks for him. He had an uneasy relationship with ambitious Families gangster Lamar Davis, as Gerald took business seriously, while Lamar saw it as a kind of game. In 2013, Gerald G was arrested by the LAPD after the Ballas ambushed a lowrider deal between some Families associates and some South Korean gangsters, but he was rescued by Slugs Piombino before he could be flown to prison from Los Angeles International Airport. He continued to give Piombino work, paying him large sums of money to steal drugs for him.

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