Guido della Torre
Guido della Torre (27 September 1259-1312) was Lord of Milan from 1302 to 1311, interrupting Matteo I Visconti's two reigns.


Guido della Torre was the nephew of Napoleone della Torre, and his family was loyal to the Guelphs during the wars between the Pope and the Holy Roman Emperor in Italy. In 1277, his father Francesco della Torre was killed by the House of Visconti at the Battle of Desio, and he became chief magistrate (podesta) of Treviso in 1287 after fleeing to Aquileia, which was ruled by another uncle. In 1302, the lords of Piacenza and Parma ousted the Visconti family from Milan, allowing for Della Torre to return to the city. In 1307, he was elected Captain of the People, but he failed to raise the people of Milan against Emperor Henry VII of Germany, forcing him to flee to Cremona, where he died in the summer of 1312.