Hamza bin Laden
Hamza bin Laden (1991-) was an al-Qaeda commander and the son of Osama bin Laden. Hamza was twenty years old when his father was killed by SEAL Team Six, and he also lost his brother Saad bin Laden in an airstrike in Pakistan; Hamza became an al-Qaeda leader and released audio messages threatening revenge against the United States.


Osama Hamza

Osama bin Laden and his son Hamza

Hamza bin Laden was born in 1991 in Saudi Arabia, the son of Osama bin Laden. Hamza helped the Taliban to handle United States helicopter wreckage in November 2001 during Operation Enduring Freedom, when NATO invaded Afghanistan to destroy al-Qaeda and their Taliban allies. By September 2007 he began taking a serious role in al-Qaeda while in the tribal belt of Waziristan, Pakistan, and a July 2008 poem written by him urged people to accelerate the destruction of America, the United Kingdom, France, and Denmark.

al-Qaeda commander

On 1 May 2011, Hamza's father was killed by SEAL Team Six in Abbottabad, Pakistan in a raid on the Bin Laden family's mansion, and Hamza became a commander of the group. On 9 May 2016, Hamza released an audio recording in which he urged all Mujahideen to fight for jihad in Syria, and he also said that the liberation of Palestine was much closer than it was before the start of the Syrian Civil War. On 10 July 2016, he released an even more daunting statement, threatening genocide against Americans to avenge his father's death. Although Ayman al-Zawahiri was the emir of al-Qaeda, Hamza bin Laden was still a successor to his father, seeking revenge for the United States' killing of his family. In 2017, his own son Osama bin Hamza bin Laden was killed in Afghanistan.