Han Sui (?-215) was the ruler of Xi. After his stepbrother Ma Teng was killed by Cao Cao, he enlisted Ma Teng's son Ma Chao to serve him. Later however, when tempted to join Cao Cao, his left arm was cut off by the enraged Ma Chao.


Han Sui was a warlord from Liang Province in Xiliang. Along with his stepbrother Ma Teng, he was captured by Beigong Boyu's Mongols in 185 AD when the Mongols and other non-Han Chinese populace of Liangzhou rebelled, and the two assisted the rebels, as they were declared traitors for not fighting to the death. Han Sui rebelled against Dong Zhuo, the evil governor, but his rebellion was put down violently, with the leader Bian Zhang falling to the sword of Sun Jian. The province gained autonomy, however, and Han Sui kept his lands. In 192 AD, after Dong Zhuo was overthrown and murdered, he led an army to seize Chang'an, but the conspirators were killed, convincing the attackers to withdraw. 

Han Sui rebelled against Prime Minister Cao Cao in 210 AD following the execution of Ma Teng, enlisting Ma Chao's aid in his uprising. The rebels took Chang An for a short duration, before Xiahou Yuan forced them out. Han Sui defected to Cao Cao a year later at the Battle of Tong Gate, as he still considered Cao Cao a friend, which caused Ma Chao's defeat. Han Sui's left arm was lopped off by Ma Chao's halberd, but was not killed; instead, he became a vassal of Cao Cao and died in peace in 215 AD.