Sokoto Hausa

Hausa from Sokoto

The Hausa is a West African ethnic group that originated in Nigeria and Niger. 99% of the Hausa are Sunni Muslim and 1% are Christian, and they make up the majority of the population of northern Nigeria, leading to sectarian tensions between the northern Muslims and the southern Christians. The Hausa mostly live in villages, and they have a major equestrian tradition due to their nomadic traditions. In 2017, there were 43,000,000 Hausa across the world, with 29,448,000 living in Nigeria, 9,834,000 in Niger, 1,058,000 in Benin, 1,000,000 in Saudi Arabia, 358,000 in Cote d'Ivoire, 357,000 in Cameroon, 274,000 in Chad, 269,000 in Ghana, and 110,000 in Sudan.