Lord Bottoms
Lord Bottoms
Lord Bottoms
Died 1296
Lanarkshire, Kingdom of Scotland
Nationality English
Affiliations England Kingdom of England
Conflicts Anglo-Scottish Wars
Rank Lord of Lanark
Henry Bottoms, Lord Bottoms was an English nobleman who was the Lord of Lanark in Scotland, who was notorious for taking advantage of the prima nocta rule passed by Edward the Longshanks in 1296, and in turn was killed by the husband of a woman he molested.


Bottoms was a noble lord who was granted land in Lanarkshire, Scotland, where he ruled it alongside Charles Heselrig, the Magistrate. Bottoms was most famous for riding into Lanark and blessing a marriage by taking the wife of a Scotsman, Morrison, into his bed on the first night of their union, as according to the Prima Noctae laws. Bottoms was hated by the townspeople, and when William Wallace's rebellion began, his stockade was targeted for a raid.


A party of 50 Scotsmen dressed in the uniforms of the English dead at Lanark, consisting of Lanarkshire and MacGregor militia headed to his stockade and proceeded to kill Bottoms and capture his men. Bottoms was hit with a mace twice by Morrison, who had joined the rebellion, who claimed the right of the woman's husband. The garrison was let free, but with the message that all sons and daughters of Scotland were now free.