Hidemoto Mori
Hidemoto Mori (25 November 1579-26 November 1650) was a Mori clan daimyo and a samurai who was loyal to the Tokugawa later in his career.


Hidemoto Mori was son of Motokiyo Mori and led 10,000 Toyotomi troops of Kiyomasa Kato, 5,000 Kuroda of Nagamasa Kuroda, 12,000 Ryuzoji of Naoshige Nabeshima, 2,800 Ikeda of Hideuji Ikeda, 3,000 Chosokabe of Motochika Chosokabe, and 2,500 Nakagawa of Hidenari Nakagawa in the Siege of Busan, Siege of Sacheon, and Changpyong during the Invasion of Korea in 1592-1598. After returning home to Japan, he participated in the Toyotomi Civil War of 1600, fighting alongside the Western Army and Terumoto Mori, possessing 128,000 troops. He defected mid-battle with Hiroie Kikkawa after the slaying of Ekei Ankokuji, and aided the Tokugawa against his former allies. He took part in the quelling of the Shimabara Rebellion in 1638 and died in his estate.