Hill Valley Church shootout
The Hill Valley Church shootout occurred in 2017 when The Families gangster Lamar Davis sent a group of four hitmen to shoot up the funeral of deceased Vagos member Little Al at the Hill Valley Church in the Great Chaparral. After the Harmony gas station shootout, the four-man hit squad joined the Vagos funeral procession in a stolen car, with the hitmen blending in with the Vagos due to their funeral suits. The hitmen stood in the distance as Luca Madrid gave the eulogy for Little Al, saying that he lived and died like a man. He prroceeded to say that the two dead gangsters had fortunately left cocaine in trash bags hidden in their attics, and told the other gangsters to celebrate. It was then that the hitmen used handguns to ambush the mourning Vagos, gunning all of them down in the cemetery. They then stole two Buick Superior hearses packed with cocaine and escaped pursuing Vagos, bringing the hearses to a drop-off point in Sandy Shores, where Davis' men retrieved them. Each hitman was paid $9,380 for the job.