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Hun Invasion of the Balkans
Conflict: Barbarian Invasions
Date: 441-443 CE
Place: Balkans, Byzantine Empire
Outcome: Hun raids

Huns Huns

Byzantines Eastern Roman Empire


Attila the Hun








The Hun Invasion of the Balkans was an incursion by the Asiatic Huns into the Eastern Roman Empire's Balkan territories, a series of raids that threatened Constantinople.


Seizing power from Bleda the Hun in 431 CE, Attila the Hun began his career by fighting the Persians and Scythians, but later moved on to fight the Byzantine Empire, despite having a constant stream of tribute money coming in. He invaded the Balkans with a large army of Tarkans and Archer Cavalry who raided the Balkans and put Constantinople under threat.


Attila's army invaded the Province of Thracia in the Eastern Roman Empire, attacking the cities of Dyrrhachium, Adrianople, Sofia, Naissus, Thessaloniki, and Scythia, later making a truce and alliance with the Scythians that allowed him to invade Rome with some allies. Together, they wreaked havoc, burning down housing, crops, and woodland and killing or capturing as much of the populace outside of the walls of the cities as possible. The wars lasted from 441 to 443.

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