The Hunnic Empire was founded by Tukhechjen, King of the Huns, in 363 AD with his capture of Campus Sarmatae (Zaporizhzhiya) in Russia. The Huns were originally from Mongolia but never established an empire, rather raiding into China. The Hunnic Empire's official religion was paganism, which they spread across Europe and Asia while on warpath. The Huns' most (in)famous leader was Attila, the Scourge of God, who sacked Constantinople, the Balkans, France, and northern Italy in his lifetime. His invasion of Rome was only stopped when the pope bribed him, and he returned home, dying of natural causes. The Hunnic Empire dissolved after the Battle of Nedao in 454, pushed back into Asia by the Gepids, Goths, and Heruli.



The Huns were linked to the Xiongnu tribes of northern China, raiding into Liang Province, Qiang Province, and You Province, but some warbands sacked the imperial capital of Luoyang in the center. The Huns were not proven to be the same, but rather descendants, of the Xiongnu, as the Xiongnu Confederacy flourished in the 1st century AD, whilst the Huns flourished in the 4th and 5th centuries. The Huns were also comparable to the Mongol Empire, with similar qualities; they were steppe nomads who migrated westwards in hordes, looking for a home; they originated in Mongolia and Central Asia; they raided villages for money; they were brutal to the populace if they resisted; they both worshipped paganism; the young were forced to be warriors; they both invaded Central Europe and were eventually forced out, and both had titles such as Khan.


In 363 AD, the Hunnish peoples gathered all of their belongings and fled their homeland; every person from the oldest wise woman to the youngest babe was on the move. They eventually settled in Campus Sarmatae, held by some rebel Sarmatians not affiliated with the Sarmatians tribe, and conquered the town, settling there as "Zaporozhzhiya". The Huns then invaded Tribus Roxolani, territory of the weak Roxolani tribe, and conquered Campus Roxolani (Azov). 

After settling in his homeland, Khan Tukhechjen ordered the expansion of his people across Russia, up to the Ural Mountains. They conquered Campus Sakae (Astrakhan), Vicus Vandali (Cherkasky), Locus Barbaricum, and in each of these cities, built great fortifications as population size increased due to the Great Migration. The Huns soon raided into the Balkans, capturing Campus Iazyges (Chisnau) and establishing yet another walled city. The Huns soon violated their alliance with the Eastern Roman Empire by allowing their other allies, the Sassanid Empire, to attack them, as the Huns would later want to take Constantinople's riches and that of the Balkans, and perhaps, Rome itself. 


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