Inge Dombrowski
Inge Dombrowski (1927-23 April 1945) was a teenage League of German Girls member who was drafted into the Wehrmacht in the last weeks of World War II. Dombrowski killed herself rather than be captured by the Red Army at the Battle of Berlin.


Inge Dombrowski death

Dombrowski's death

Inge Dombrowski was born in Germany, circa 1927, to a family of Germanized Slavic descent, and she was a member of the League of German Girls as a youth. In April 1945, Dombrowski was conscripted by the Wehrmacht during the Battle of Berlin, as the Nazi Party asked for all able-bodied men and women to defend the city. Dombrowski fought as a part of a Flak 88 crew, but their gun ran out of ammunition as the Soviet advance continued. On the night of 23 April 1945, as Red Army troops overran the artillery positions, Dombrowski gave her pistol to her lieutenant and asked for him to shoot her. She gave one last fascist salute before the lieutenant shot her dead, and he proceeded to shoot himself in the head out of remorse.

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