Jackdaw 1719

The Jackdaw in 1719

The Jackdaw, once known as El Dorado, was a pirate brig captained by Edward Kenway from 1715 to 1722 during the Golden Age of Piracy. The ship was formerly a Spanish Navy brig under the name El Dorado, and it was a part of the Spanish Treasure Fleet until the 1715 hurricane, during which Kenway and several other pirate prisoners escaped from their imprisonment during a hurricane off the coast of Florida and commandeered El Dorado. The ship made it out of the hurricane, and Kenway named his friend Adewale his quartermaster. The ship would take part in pirating operations off the Bahamas in 1715, taking several prizes by attacking King Philip V of Spain's merchant ships and warships. Pirates Blackbeard and Benjamin Hornigold assisted Kenway with learning how to plunder Spanish ships, and Kenway would upgrade his ship with resources stolen from Spanish ships. He recruited crew members by hiring them from bars, by assisting them during fights, by freeing them from executions, and by rescuing them from captured ships. The Jackdaw eventually became one of the most powerful ships in the Caribbean Sea, taking on much larger ships, even destroying British and Spanish forts to introduce anarchy to the Caribbean. The ship stopped pirating after 1722, when Kenway retired to England. The ship sunk in a hurricane off Hispaniola during the late 1720s.


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