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Jackdaw vs. Calypso
Jackdaw vs. Calypso
Conflict: Golden Age of Piracy
Date: September 1719
Place: Off Jamaica
Outcome: Pirate victory

Pirates Pirates

Pirate hunters Pirate hunters


Pirates Edward Kenway

Pirate hunters Ethan Peter


1 brig

1 brig


few crew losses

1 brig sunk

The Jackdaw vs. Calypso (September 1719) was a naval battle fought between the pirate Edward Kenway and the crew of the Jackdaw and a crew of pirate hunters led by Ethan Peter, who commanded the brig Calypso. Kenway had been hired by the Dutch merchant Milo van der Graaff to destroy a pirate hunter ship, as Van der Graaff claimed that pirate hunters had sunk innocent ships. Kenway lured the pirate hunters to northern Jamaica after attacking British shipping in the area, and he managed to incapacitate the Calypso before boarding her. After a boarding action, he forced Ethan Peter and his crew to surrender, and he was rewarded by Van der Graaff.

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