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Jackdaw vs. HMS Dove
Jackdaw vs. HMS Dove
Conflict: Golden Age of Piracy
Date: May 1721
Place: Off Grants Pen, southern Jamaica
Outcome: Pirate victory

Pirates Pirates

Flag of Great Britain Great Britain


Pirates Edward Kenway

Flag of Great Britain Martin Foote


1 brig

1 frigate


few crew losses

1 frigate sunk

The Jackdaw vs. HMS Dove was a naval battle that occurred in May 1721 when the pirate Edward Kenway and the crew of the Jackdaw attacked and plundered the Royal Navy frigate HMS Dove off the coast of southern Jamaica. The Jackdaw set a course for Kingston after leaving Ile a Vache, and Kenway planned to assassinate Governor Woodes Rogers there before he could be recalled to England. Kenway, his new quartermaster Anne Bonny, and the crew decided to take Dove as a prize before anchoring in Kingston Harbor, and they incapacitated the ship before boarding it. Kenway killed Captain Martin Foote before boarding the vessel, and the pirates plundered the ship before scuttling it.

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