Sultan Jalal
Jalal ad-Dawlah (1040-1108), also called Sultan JalalJalal al-Dawlah, or Jalal I of Rum was the first Sultan of the Sultanate of Rum, a Muslim empire based in Anatolia (Turkey). Jalal was religiously proper, intelligent, an aspiring commander, and a night fighter. He used these skills to carve out an empire that reached from Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean Coast, as far north as Georgia and as far south as Saudi Arabia


Jalal was born to a Seljuk slave-soldier family, serving as a Ghulam in the army of Malik Shah. He married Islah (b. 1042), a fitting young woman of noble birth, and became a noble in the Seljuk Empire, and in 1080, founded the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum with its capital at Iconium. Jalal's empire started out with the regions of Yerevan, Caesarea, Iconium, and Mosul, while many Seljuk warlords refused to side with him in the initial power struggles. Jalal's campaigns brought him Tbilisi in 1082, Edessa in 1084, Smyrna in 1088, Damascus in 1096, Trebizond and Aleppo in 1100, and Adana in 1102. His unification of the mighty Seljuk warlords brought him untold riches and glory, although he eventually had to cope with invasion by the Byzantine Empire and the crusaders (most of them from Castile). Sultan Jalal died in 1108, and was succeeded by Mustafa ad-Dawlah as sultan.

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