Jamal Ahmad Mohammad al-Badawi
Jamal Ahmad Mohammad al-Badawi (22 July 1960-) was a Yemeni member of al-Qaeda who was one of the brains behind the USS Cole bombing in 2000.


Jamal Ahmad Mohammad al-Badawi was born on 22 July 1960, and he became a member of al-Qaeda. He was involved in the plan to blow up USS The Sullivans, but when the plan went awry by 2000, he instead planned the USS Cole bombing on 12 October 2000. On 15 May 2003, al-Badawi and Fahd al-Quso were indicted for their roles in the bombing of the Cole, and he was captured. In March 2003 he escaped during a prisoner exchange and was recaptured and sentenced to death, but he successfully escaped on 29 September 2004.