Jean Armand de Maille-Breze
Jean Armand de Maille-Breze (18 October 1619-14 June 1646) was a French admiral during the Thirty Years' War and the Franco-Spanish War.


Jean Armand de Maille-Breze was born in Milly-le-Meugon, France on 18 October 1619 to one of the most powerful French families of the time. He was the son of Urbain de Maille-Breze, and he was the maternal nephew of Cardinal Richelieu. At the age of seventeen, he came to command the French Navy, and he became one of the leading figures of the Franco-Spanish War, defeating the Spanish fleet at Cadiz in 1640 before seizing Villafranca. In 1641, he arrived in Portugal to help the Portuguese fight against Spain, and he was killed off Tuscany at the 14 June 1646 Battle of Orbetello.

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