Jeanne Gribelin
Jeanne Gribelin (1706 - 1770) was a Haitian Maroon. Gribelin was inslaved by the Rigal family of Port-au-Prince in Saint-Domingue, and she attempted to run away from her plantation in 1735 to join her family in the mountains. The overseer Enzo Cartier pursued her and attempted to catch her, but the assassin Adewale killed Cartier and rescued Gribelin. Gribelin thanked Adewale, although she was remorseful that she could not repay him; Adewale decided to ask a favor in return, asking if she knew where Bastienne Josephe was. Gribelin told Adewale that any "gentleman" would know where she was, showing disdain for the madam, who ran a brothel in the city. Gribelin then left to join her family in the mountains, and she told Adewale about the Maroon encampment.

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