Jeff Flake
Jeffry Lane "Jeff" Flake (31 December 1962-) was a US Senator from Arizona (R) from 3 January 2013, succeeding John Kyl.


Jeffry Lane Flake was born in Snowflake, Arizona on 31 December 1962, the nephew of state senator Jake Flake, and he became a Mormon missionary in South Africa after graduating from Brigham Young University. He later worked as Executive Director of the Foundation for Democracy in Namibia and Executive Director of the Goldwater Institute. In 2001, he was elected to the US House of Representatives from Arizona's 1st congressional district, succeeding Matt Salmon. He served until 2003, when redistricting led to Rick Renzi becoming the new representative; Flake succeeded J.D. Hayworth as the representative from Arizona's 6th district, serving until 2013, when David Schweikert succeeded him. Flake supported recognizing local Native Americans' rights to water supplies when a mining company attempted to take the water, he supported immigration overhaul, he was a vocal critic of Donald Trump's Muslim ban, he supported the normalization of relations with Cuba, and he supported Neil Gorsuch's candidacy for the US Supreme Court. On 17 August 2017, Trump decried "Flake Jeff Flake" as toxic due to his stances on immigration and supported his re-election primary rival, Kelli Ward.

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