Ji Ling
Ji Ling (?-199) was an officer of Yuan Shu and an expert with his War Trident. When Liu Bei attacked, he dueled with Guan Yu for a total of thirty passes. On Yuan Shu's command, he attacked Liu Bei, but withdrew his troops because of a deal he had made with Lu Bu.


Ji Ling was the strongest and ablest of Yuan Shu's generals, serving with him since his role in the alliance against Dong Zhuo in 189 AD. Ji Ling served under Yuan Shu in his campaign against Liu Bei in 196 AD after Cao Cao ordered Liu Bei to slay Yuan Shao in Emperor Xian of Han's name, but Ji Ling fought to a draw with Zhang Fei in the battle of Xuyi. Later, he duelled with Lu Bu during the siege of Shouchun, but he lost a bet with Lu Bu, forcing him to honor his word and retreat from the battlefield. He was not present during the fall of Shouchun Castle to Cao Cao in 197 AD, and he instead was one of the commanders of the failed campaign against Lu Bu in Xu Province. Ji Ling's last battle was the Battle of Xu Province in 199 AD, when Yuan Shu and Ji Ling's army was intercepted while it attempted to join forces with Yuan Shao. Ji Ling duelled with Liu Bei's general Zhang Fei, and Zhang Fei finished what they had started at Xuyi by slaying him.

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