Jiang Qin
Jiang Qin (?-?) was a Wu officer. He recieved high praise along with Zhou Tai while serving under Sun Ce. He led the invasion during the southern campaign bnut suffered a great defeat, which almost led to his execution. In the campaign against Guan Yu he controlled the naval forces and successfully surrounded him.


Jiang Qin
Jiang Qin was from Shouchun in Yu Province, bordering the Wu Territory to the south. Jiang Qin was originally the leader of the Jiang Nan Pirates, but in 197 AD, Jiang and his band joined Sun Ce's Forces, led by Sun Ce, who was at the time conquering the Wu Territory from local warlords Liu Yao, Yan Baihu, Wang Lang, and Yuan Shu. Jiang Qin was able to distinguish himself in the campaign for Wu, and later fought at Hefei, Jing Province, Fan Castle, and Yiling. He wounded Guan Yu in Fan Castle in 218 AD, but the final blow was dealt by Xiahou Dun

Jiang Qin's last battle was at Bai Di Castle in 234 AD, where Sun Quan attempted to invade Shu Han, who were busy invading Cao Wei around the same time. The Shu Han emperor Liu Shan ably defended the castle with aid from Ma Dai, Xing Cai, and Jiang Wei, and Xing Cai cut him down with her sword.

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