Kaizuka Takeo
Kaizuka Takeo (3 January 1898-25 October 1944) was a Rear Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II and the last captain of the Zuikaku.


Kaizuka Takeo was born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan on 3 January 1898, and he graduated with the 46th class of the Imperial Japanese Navy Academy. He became a captain in 1924 and a commander in 1940, and he took command of the aircraft carrier Zuikaku on 18 December 1943 during World War II. Takeo was promoted to Rear Admiral on 15 October 1944, and he would fight his last battle only ten days later. Takeo and 842 of the ship's crew went down with the Zuikaku when it was sunk at the Battle of Cape Engano.

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