Karl Felix Graf von Althan
Karl Felix Graf von Althan (1598-) was a general of the Archduchy of Austria during the Eighty Years' War. Von Althan was the commander of the Austrian garrison at Zutfen, and he was captured during the Dutch siege of the city in 1618.


Von Althan captured

Von Althan being captured

Karl Felix Graf von Althan was born in 1598 to a family of German nobility, and he became a general of the Archduchy of Austria. Graf von Althan was sent to command the garrison of the city of Zutfen (Zutphen) in the Habsburg Netherlands (now a part of the Netherlands) during the Eighty Years' War, and he commanded 240 troops. In 1618, the city was besieged by a larger Dutch mercenary army, and Von Althan supervised its defense. His forces inflicted heavy losses on the besieging Dutch forces, costing the Dutch half of their army, but the Dutch succeeded in capturing Von Althan and conquering the city.

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