The Kingdom of Southern Italy, also known as the Vandalic Kingdom of Italy or Vandalic Kingdom of Sicily, was an absolute monarchy that was founded in 376 AD when the Vandals captured Tarentum, capital of Southern Italy, and in 378, they gained their capital of Syracuse in Sicilia. 




The Kingdom of Southern Italy was founded by Visimar, the Vandalic king, after the Vandals hiked from Tribus Vandalii in Russia to the Balkans, sacking Constantinople, Thessalonica, and Campus Iazyges en route to Italy, and capturing the city of Tarentum in 376 AD from the Western Roman Empire. The Vandals established their capital at Syracuse after taking it in 378 AD, but the king who took it was Gondegusulus, son of Visimar, who drowned when the fleet carrying his army across the Strait of Messina was sunk by the pirates of Admiral Maximus. The Kingdom of Southern Italy made peace with the Western Roman Emperor in 380, and their debts started shrinking as their settlements paid taxes to them.

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